Jessica Haist, Amber King, and Trish Matheny are seasoned gear testers (over 25 years of collective experience) who love to explore in the backcountry. With this plot came intriguing storytelling, grand adventure, endearing characters, witty humor, the occasional moment of insight, and the message that even at the end of the world there are still new things to learn, that people can surprise themselves with the truth of what's really important to them, and that love might be the most powerful binding force in all the world. It will filter as you drink, fueled by a soft squeeze and your guzzling force. While it might be difficult to assess different categories of water treatment products (for example, chemical treatment versus a hand pump), the metrics used to evaluate each filter offer helpful insight into which products excel in one area or another. Still, if you require a purifier for international travel or one that offers a backflush system for turbid water, this model provides reliability that's worth the initial investment. The initial investment is tremendous; quite frankly, most people won't want to fork over the cash.

If you want something less bulky and easier on your wallet, check out the LifeStraw. The MSR Guardian Purifier stands out for its exceptional ability to remove water-borne viruses and other pathogens, providing pure potable water unlike other hand pumps on the market. The MSR AutoFlow XL is a gravity backpacking water filter designed for large groups and basecamps. The only downside to this backpacking water filter is the regular maintenance required to maintain the optimal flow rate. While the original ticket price on some items might seem low, the expenses of replacement parts might add up, running up a larger bill over the life of the filter. Monogrammed or personalized items are not eligible for returns. County Line Kitchen keeps the price reasonable too, so you can throw in a bag of coffee beans if gifting, many of which are roasted specifically for cold brew. I’ve reviewed the Vancouver Bag in more detail here – so far I’ve been impressed with it, and love that I could get a classic style at a fraction of the price of the Box Bag (or even the Constance, woo). Based on these cons and our side-by-side comparisons, we find this system provides a relatively low value for the price.

The Sawyer Squeeze systems and the CrazyCap bottle offer impressive value because they provide more filtered or purified liters before requiring replacement than other models we tested. Though the concept of the CrazyCap is a nice idea, we found it hard to trust that the UV light is actually working. This self-contained UV light water purifier is super convenient and an option we'd recommend when considering international travel or where a clear water source might contain a virus. Super Storage is providing its customers with storage solutions in Stoke on Trent, UK. We specifically make sludgy water samples using fertilizers, soils, and other particulates to truly test how each filter and purifier performs. Its flow rate is exceptional for a pump filter (about 37 seconds for one liter), while the backflush system makes it functional even in the sludgiest of stagnant or turbid water holes. Yet, for a durable and easy-to-maintain gravity filter with a high flow rate, this is our favorite model we recommend to friends and readers alike. If you are you looking for more information on straw designer bags stop by our site. These drops are definitely our favorite chemical treatment for backcountry water due to their packable design and ease of use – just be sure you have time to wait for your sterilization.

Traffic disruptions in East Oʻahu due to water main … Though we appreciate the function, this system is not our first choice for lightweight backcountry travel due to its bulky and heavy design. If you've got time to wait for your potable water, the Aquamira Water Treatment Drops is a lightweight and inexpensive travel system used by many thru-hikers. The royal rolled up her sleeves and got right to taking part in a variety of adventures with kids, including building dens and planting flowers. When committing to long-distance adventures in the backcountry, this reliable and durable filtration system will not let you down. Our water came out clear when we tested this in a heavily metal-polluted river in Ouray, CO. We believe that no other system could purify this well, either leaving some detectable smell or discoloration behind. Like any gravity system that uses an in-line filter, the flow rate will slow down when exposed to water containing high amounts of sediment and requires removal by flipping the filtration unit upside down. This is a great filter, but it is important to note that it will not treat viruses.

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